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DAN VEZENTAN - Feed Me / No Gravity 
23/09 - 01/11/2016

Dan Vezentan reconstructs a farming hall for chickens at / sandwich /, while using one material that would be legally forbidden in such constructions: the mirror. Access stirrups are multiplied in a kaleidoscope that recalls of Escher's stairs, while white and red neon lights alternate in order to efficiently control the yield of the creatures that have the courage to live here.


The artistic interest of Dan Vezentan over the veterinary–zootechnic thematics comes from his personal, childhood relationship with this field of work. In his projects, various wooden constructions, almost identical to those used for small-scale animal farming, are losing their utility and become esthetically pleasing objects and spaces. Basic materials – raw wood, gravel, simple hardware – are amplified by mirrors and colored lights. Many of his works are immersive and make use of deconstructing optical elements. These are induced by a scientific approach over the animal behavior, like, for example, using light as means for controlling the efficiency of the egg production.

Dan Vezentan (b. 1978, Seini) lives and works as artist and photographer in Bucharest. He graduated from the Bucharest Arts University. In 2014, he took part in the Mobile Biennale and the group show Dispositions in Time and Space at National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest.

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