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NATASHA SHULTE: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

09.03 - 09.05.2023

In her seductive paintings, with fuzzy edges and shapes morphing into each other, Natasha Shulte effortlessly creates distorted erotic mixtures of human and animal. With their open mouths, arched limbs and torsos, feeding off each other and absorbing each other, these creatures in pastel colors are dominated by basic needs. 



The current exhibition at Sandwich highlights her new series of works created after February 24 2022, marked by perpetual location shifts, but also by a more focused view on her ongoing working themes. Having fled her home country because of war, Shulte is redefining, for herself and her practice, what natural environment and personal identity means during times of uncertainty. 


In exploring dynamics of power, the artist also reveals her own identity as a mother, bringing up a discussion on deep animal instincts and biopower mechanisms. Human instinct and animal instinct - a story about domination and subordination. 

Natasha Shulte (Odessa, UA) earned her Master’s degree from Odessa National University and studied at Speos school of Photography, Paris. Since the beginning of war in Ukraine, she has been living and working in Spain. A winner of numerous international awards throughout her career, Shulte used to work across various media, such as installation, photography, and video. In the last few years, she has been focusing on painting alone.

Her work was recently shown at The Museum of Modern Art Odessa, Museum of photography Thessaloniki, Kiev biennale of Contemporary Art, Pinchuk Art Centre, Kyiv as well as at LISTE Art Fair Basel in 2022 with Sandwich Gallery.

This event is part of the Program “Sandwich Meta Club”.

A cultural Program co-funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

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