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Non-Human Animal Party with Cătălina Gubandru
Friday 7 May, 7 – 9 pm


Sandwich Offspace
part of Malmaison Studios, 2nd floor
Calea Plevnei 137 C, B wing, Sector 6 Bucharest


with Dj Amiri & Moxa Workshops

We opened the new Sandwich Offspace inside Malmaison Studios together with Cătălina Gubandru and a party invite!

The event took place only once.

We are surrounded by animals. Most times we don’t pay them any attention. At all. But is our behavior really so different than theirs? How about our language?

Let me watch you (mesmerized) like a cat. Let's play like cats do.

A party in which you enter the space and choose, feel and act as an animal. It’s a personal choice if this becomes obvious and visible for the others or is conceptual, imaginary. The animal can be anything, from your pet or the animals at the grandparents’ countryside, those from the zoo, an imaginary animal, etc.

How would the body language, gestures, general behavior, attitude and even perspective change when trying to literally embody an animal?

The difference can be very subtle, and maybe it really is.

* text by Cătălina Gubandru

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