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Opening Fri. 30 September 2022, 19.00

Sandwich Offspace

Exhibition open 30.09 - 04.11.2022

A Language Control Center monitors the masses and re-trains bad speakers, those whose diction is not fluid, those who cannot speak several languages, whose message is not well understood, and whose speech is monotonous. Those who have the Trouble.


For her second solo presentation at Sandwich, Anaïs Touchot dives into a world in which success depends on language skills, diction, and persuasive public speaking. She explores the unseen side of The Center using bad punchlines, presentation advice, and songs, questioning power relationships. The personal office of the Center’s director becomes especially telling and, as it unfolds in front of us, it becomes obvious that Control is the true target.


As per her usual, Anaïs creates an open environment in which everyday objects and art pieces are fused together beyond separation, open to human touch, diving in without doubts or hesitations. 


Anaïs Touchot (b.1987) lives and works in Brest, FR. Using recycled materials, the artist constructs her various environments — from furniture to signage — which welcome visitors and invites different direct actions. She has recently created immersive projects and installations at Centre Culturel du Colombier Rennes (2022), Frac Bretagne (2021), Galerie Bien (2022), Centre d’art de Briançon (2021), LISTE Basel (2021), Musée Grasset Varzy (2019), Visual Art Center Austin Texas (2022), Galerie Raymond Hains Saint-Brieuc (2021), Passerelle Centre d'Art Contemporain Brest (2017) and in Barranquilla, Colombia (2017). She was an artist in residence at Villa Rohannec'h Saint Brieuc, Aparté Iffendic, Usurpadora Puerto Colombia and many others. 

This exhibition is organized in partnership with The French Institute in Romania and is part of Anaïs Touchot’s residency in Bucharest.


This event is part of the Sandwich Meta Club Program.

A cultural Project co-funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The Project does not necessarily represent the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The AFCN is not responsible for Project content or the manner in which the results of the Project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the funding recipient.

Photos by Catalin Georgescu

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