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CRISTIAN RĂDUȚĂ: Emergency Measures

08/06 - 31/08/2016

The first project presented by sandwich is made by Cristian Răduță as part of his larger series of works referring to cosmic space and the failure of man to conquer it, despite its numerous attempts and progress in this area. Failed missions and unsuccessful expeditions are collected and presented in various shapes and sizes, passing into self-irony. An entire fleet of rockets is ready to be launched in space, carrying his own versions of a Golden Record: practical, day to day objects like spoons, forks, clothes, tea cups, etc.


In EMERGENCY MEASURES however, Cristian Răduță prepares such a rocket in the name of a community where he does not and probably will never belong to: that of the most privileged, of the 1%, of the penthouse apartments, the private islands and private jets. In their name, he is making provisions for one of the emergency measures to be taken in case of Earth evacuation: making sure that the demand for palm-trees on the next colonized planet is covered.

​Cristian Răduță lives and works in Bucharest. His artistic practice includes sculptures, objects and installations that start from hypothetical, sometimes absurd situations and characters which are humorously employed. Among others, he is interested in the relationships and tensions that form among the various industrial and bricolage materials he uses.

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