group show

part of The Great Romania - China Friendship Cafeteria

22/06 - 06/09/2019





Saturday, June 22nd 2019, 13.00 – 22.00

all-day-long opening & special events



exhibition open June 22nd – September 6th 2019


garage sale (for real) (with special guests Bucharest & PUNCH): 13.00 – 20.00

open-air kitchen with food & drinks: 16.00 – 20.00


Vlad Basalici, Liliana Basarab, Geta Brătescu, Na Buqi, Alexandra Croitoru, Wu Di, Sun Han, Ma Jianfeng, T.K.L., Peng Lu, Zhang Miao, Alexandru Niculescu, Jin Ningning, Daniela Pălimariu, Wang Peng, Dan Perjovschi, Delia Popa, Yao Qingmei, Cristian Răduță, Dan Vezentan, Tan Yingjie, Liu Yue, Xin Yunpeng



We're not looking for similarities, but embrace the coincidences.

The Great Romania – China Friendship Cafeteria continues with an exuberant event in Bucharest, and completely takes over Sandwich, the terrace, Chocolat extension and even the adjacent studios.

Garage Sale is not only the first group show ever to be attempted at Sandwich, but also an opportunity to give up on things not anymore wanted, needed or relevant.


Artists from China and Romania, with practices so different they could bare any connection to each other, are putting together a megamix of artworks, but also of curated personal items for sale at clearance prices*. It is irrelevant if the exhibition becomes an extension of the sale, or the other way around – objects and non-objects shake hands and make peace.


The Great Romania – China Friendship Cafeteria started in Beijing in 2018 and is headed for a bright future governed by solidarity. More than an annual inter-continental exchange of exhibitions, the long-term project is nourished with care for each other's vulnerability.


*Yes, the event includes an actual garage sale as well, open for just one day, with special guests and display tables out in the sun. An open-air kitchen for food and drinks – not necessarily representative of RO or CN – will seal the deal.




Special Thank You to the National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest for lending the artwork Earthcake, 1992 by Geta Brătescu from its Collection.

This event is part of the Project “The Great Romania – China Friendship Cafeteria”.

A cultural project co-funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or the manner in which the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the funding recipient.

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GARAGE SALE - Opening Day

Good "old style, on the hood of the car" deals happening on the Garage Sale opening day